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Should you exercise when it’s hot outside?
Can't take the heat? Don't stay in the proverbial kitchen - get out! In this post we give our tips and tricks for working out in a hot environment, and the dangers of pushing yourself too hard!
No time to exercise? Just doing 5 minutes of this can help!
These days, time is a luxury that many can't afford - so how are you supposed to find the time to get in a workout? In this post, we talk about an exercise that's so quick and easy it can be done in only 5 minutes! Sound too good to be true? Find out for yourself!
Boost your athletic performance with a sustainable diet
There are so many diets on the market, and they can all be so overwhelming! In this post we talk about the ins-and-outs of diet and nutrition, and what diet you should REALLY be following!
Safety and fitness go hand-in-hand
Think it's best to push yourself over your limits over and over? Think again! Check out this this post for why you need to be safety-smart in all facets of fitness!
Morning versus evening workouts: which one wins?
The early bird gets the worm - or does it? Have you ever wondered whether it's better to work out at night, or in the morning? Check out this post where we discuss just that! Don't miss out on information that may be crucial to your fitness goals!
Struggling to achieve those goals? Here’s why you should get more ZZZzzz’s
Diet? Check. Workout plan? Check. But what about sleep? Have you ever wondered why you aren't achieving your goals despite having a perfect diet and workout plan? Check out this post to see how a lack of sleep can spell disaster!
The ABCs of BCAA's
Acronyms. They're everywhere, but they're just buzzwords to try and make things sound more important right? Wrong! In this post we breakdown BCAAs, and what they can mean for your health and workout!
Build a better body with HIIT… But be careful when you do it!
Feel like you're hitting a wall with HIIT? In this post we talk about the benefits and detriments of HIIT, and whether it's right for you! Check it out now.
The ultimate guide to magnesium supplementation
Want to make the most of supplements to achieve not only your workout goals, but an overall better state of health? Check out this post on magnesium - it has more benefits than you'd think!
Does exercise make you smarter?
Brain vs brawn? Why not both? See how exercise can not only improve your health, but also your smarts, and even how it helps manage your stress!
A strong incentive to meet your body's protein requirements during exercise
Good or bad, there's lots of opinions on protein-heavy workout diets out there in the world. Check out this post to see for yourself if protein really is the pro-strategy!
To achieve your goal, you have to be mindful about it
Meet your new friend - mindfulness! We don't just mean things like meditation, self-care, etc. - there's much more to it than that! Check out this post to see how mindfulness can help you achieve your goals in fitness AND in life!
Exercise can be the reason you live longer!
If you thought genetics and chromosomes were just for nerds and scientists - think again! In this post we talk about how learning about your genes could help you lose the weight to fit into your jeans!
Exercise during pregnancy boosts health of baby and mama!
What to expect when you're expecting - fitness edition! In this post we talk about how to keep up a fitness routine when you're sporting a baby bump, and all the benefits it provides!
Twinges in your knee? What could it be?
Feeling tweaks and twinges of pain in your knee? It could be an indicator of a greater problem, so don't ignore it! Read this post for information about types of knee injuries, and how to treat and prevent them!
Benefits of saunas
People have always talked about the health benefits - and they're not just full of hot air! In this post we talk about the health benefits of saunas and how they can positively affect your fitness! Have a read if you think you can handle the heat!
Exercise and Music Choice
We all have our favourite songs and bands - but did you know they can help out with your fitness? Read here for some helpful information about how music can not only affect your mood, but also give you the motivation to work out!
How dangerous is a workout when you are sick?
It's great if you love a hard workout, but in this post we talk about the dangers of pushing yourself too hard when you're sick. Read some tips and tricks here about keeping fit while under the weather!
What does your heart rate have to do with your workout?
Trying to beat the bulge? Have you thought about how the beat of your heart can help? In this post we talk about the nitty-gritty of heart rate, and how it affects your health!
It’s all in a heartbeat!
Resting heart rate (RHR) - what does it mean, and why does it matter? 
Learn what your RHR means for your health and fitness, and how to monitor it! Trust us, this important step can make ALL the difference.
What do you eat when you work out?
Life is complex - and so are your dietary needs! Read about how you should be eating to balance-out your body to get the results you want, and why you need to do more than just take away the take-away from your diet!