FLECKS is a vibrant activewear brand and online retailer that inspires everyday people to live out their vision.

Based in Australia and shipped around the world, we exist to empower fitness enthusiasts of all persuasions to live fearlessly, to stretch not only the muscles, but also the mind, and  - above all else - to feel relaxed in your body and skin.

We believe that active healthy living has the power to change lives starting with you.

From the beginning, our vision was to create inclusive, quality activewear clothing that allows and inspires people of all ages, genders, and body types to achieve their goals.  Our range celebrates effortless movement and practicality.

The spirit of Flecks is confident, comfortable and creative. Those who choose us share one thing in common: they have the verve to 'make it' and aren't afraid to stand out.

Whether you're on the yoga mat, pumping iron or pounding the pavement, we're excited to have you join the Flecks global family!

What We Stand For

Quality Look good and feel good while being active. Our products are of premium quality, while remaining accessible to all.

Versatility Being active and healthy is a way of living that's impossible to segment into specific sweat-inductive activities. Our gear promotes functionality for life!

Integrity In a busy marketplace, we're for keeping things simple and real.

Inspiration Choose us if you're not afraid to believe in yourself. To stand up, innovate, and never stop trying to be the best version of you.

Community More than just a brand, we act as a platform where people can learn, motivate, and share their passion for fitness with like-minded souls. We're here to get the conversation started!